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Annual General Meeting & Social Night

Meeting then Pizza & Bowling


We know that hearing the letters AGM is a bit like hearing that you need to visit the dentist. 


Before you race to the calendar and book a night of Netflix and chips, please read on and if nothing else, come along on the night to support and cheer on those that choose to raise their hand and contribute in ensuring our young athletes and the older ones too, can enjoy competing through our Yarra Ranges Athletics club.

Our club can only improve with a wide range of people contributing ideas, opinions and ultimately time and effort.

We are a unique club having both Junior and Senior athletes with many families and members that cross over between the two., Many families and members have limited awareness in what happens behind the scenes. 

To maintain compliance as an incorporated club it is essential to fill each of the official roles. Additionally and arguably more importantly,we need a group of willing supporters to help share the workload of those in official roles. ‘Many hands make light work’

Often tasks can be shared. As a result no one needs to feel obliged to be present every week.

To make any club day or event more special than ever we need individuals to make that day a short term project to work on. It means the small details often forgotten can be included for the enjoyment of everyone involved.

At times we just need someone to be a ‘subject expert’ to direct, guide or support our members with information or help when needed.

Often we need someone to just know what is happening around the club and be willing to offer an hour or 2 at times of high demand

Just a different set of eyes and ears and perspective can help shape and guide decisions of the committee.

Consider being a general committee member. It may be more comforting not filling a specific role particularly if you are new to the club. That would be excellent.

There is also an option to assist with projects/tasks without being on the committee itself. This project/task may be something in line with your knowledge, skills and experience.Many committee positions would thrive with someone who can help as back-up and support.

No one is pushed to give more than they wish. We all have busy lives outside of the YRA Club but any time and effort you can contribute will add incredible value to our families, members and athletes.

We have a great club full of amazing people. I’ve asked our committee this year to passionately protect our club culture and never take it for granted.

That focus will continue over the next 12 months, with great effort from the full team.

Please speak to Michael or Darren, if there are any specific questions you have or if you would like to nominate for a particular role in the new committee.



Thank you for being a part of our club & thank you for giving some consideration to both attending our AGM and how you might be able to contribute to the ongoing success of YRA and the enjoyment of our athletes.





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