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Why Should My Junior Athlete Train?

Athletes of all ages and abilities will benefit from training.

Just like a team gets together to refine their skills and disciplines, so too can our athletes develop and improve with supervised training by our coaches.

Competition Days are busy and fast paced. It can be very difficult - no matter how hard we try - to provide truly effective coaching as events are being run. Athletes don't get the benefit of repeated focus on their foundation skills and allowing improvement as they master each component of an event.

Our coaches continually work on developing their own skills and strive to ensure athletes are given programs that are both suitable for their age and abilities, while managing the volume of training and competition to avoid injury.

Attending training is another great way to develop friendships with other athletes and families from our club. Our camaraderie is one of our greatest strengths - don't miss out!!

If you have any questions about the coaching that your athlete can receive contact our coaches by e-mail via or follow the link here  for schedules and contact numbers:

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