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On this page we provide extracts from the annual Centre Handbook supplied to each athlete at time of Registration
each year. The information on this web site is often more up to date than the actual Handbook as changes can be
made during the season.


The Handbook contains lots of information about Little Aths including:-

  • Centre Records
  • Award Winners
  • Basic Rules of Events
  • Achievement Levels
  • Presidents Reports
  • Structures and Committee Members
  • Sponsors (please support these Businesses where you can)
  • Rules of Competition

A printed copy of this handbook is distributed to all Families in the 1st week of the new Summer Season. Please
keep and use this Handbook. It is a great way to familiarise yourself with Yarra Ranges Athletics

Handbook Archives
Here are some of our old Club Handbooks, dated back from 1970 to current.