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Competition Day Information

JUNIORS - Little Athletics at Morrison Reserve

A regular Summer Track and Field Competition Day begins with set-up from 8.00am. Competition cannot start on time without sufficient help. 

Announcements and warm-ups at 8.45am, ready for competition to start at 9am. The only exception is for the older age groups beginning earlier for events including Javelin or Hurdles. Check the weekly program (ADD LINK) to know which events are being run each week. 

Athletes will complete 4 or 5 different events in a weekly program. The events are varied, with a mixture of races and field events, to ensure both safe and enjoyable competition, allowing everyone the chance to perform at their own personal best each week. Our younger athletes will spend time developing their skills through the On Track program and/or coaching sessions designed to improve skills in specific events.

Each particular event will be run by Age Group Leaders and Parents, with athletes competing with others in their own age group. There will be Coaches on the day assisting/helping/advising across a wide range of events. 

We require parent involvement. A Little Athletics program requires around 70 parents to get involved each week (including set up, pack up canteen etc). We have had fantastic support with this as it helps ensure the program runs on time & the athletes enjoy their competition more.

Full parent involvement will enable parents to have breaks to watch their own children. Please take the time to learn how each event is run, how recording is done, what is required to keep an age group moving through their events. Before and during the season, our committee members are ready and willing to help new families learn about competition day activities. Our experience is that the more you get involved, the more both athletes and parents enjoy Track and Field competition days. 

We will be operating on a 3 week rotating program with some special days interspersed throughout the season. This provides a full spread of events for all age groups.

SENIORS - Athletics Victoria Competition - Multiple venues

How do you make an individual sport feel like every effort helps the team? Come and compete in AV Shield in Summer and XCR in Winter!!

12 rounds of Summer Shield Competition & 10 rounds of XCR - Cross Country / Road races in Winter.

Athletes compete for both themselves and for the club, scoring points that contribute to the competition ladder.

SUMMER: Track and Field

A rotating program that allows athletes to compete in as many or as few disciplines as they choose across 12 rounds. Athletes can choose which heats or groups they compete so they are among athletes of similar abilities. This includes athletes from absolute beginners through to national champions.

Clubs are allocated duties to help ensure the competition runs smoothly and on time. It is expected that all athletes take their turn to either fill the duty or provide a helper to fill the duty on their behalf.

WINTER: Cross Country & Road Races (XCR)

10 races complete the season, including short & long races, individual and relay races. A varied season with a wide range of venues so no 2 races feel the same.

Clubs compete in divisions, so runners finishing a race contribute points towards the team score and ladders.

In 2019, our competitors filled division teams in both Mens and Womens, and had 5 under age teams between the Under14 and Under20 ages.

Updated: Sept 2016, by MC